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Gems of Genesis

The Genesis Gems are magical crystals originated from the tears of the Draken. They embody the ancestral emotions of the Draken: anger (fiery ruby gemstone), sorrow (watery sapphire gemstone), remorse (gloomy amethyst gemstone), serenity (woody emerald gemstone), and acceptance (bright gold gemstone). The different types of magic contained in them generated the landscapes of Oniria. From the ruby gemstone came volcanoes and mountains, from the sapphire gemstone came water and rivers, from the amethyst gemstone came marshes and mists, from the emerald gemstone came plants and fruits, and from the gold gemstone came dragons and magic itself.

Primitive dragons discovered these gems by digging underground. The contention for these gems caused the War of the Gems, which ended only through the intervention of King Magnus.

After the war they were assigned to Eidolon, dragon designated as king for the then nascent Upperworld. Eidolon had his advisors hide the Gems so that no one could ever find and use them, unleashing too much power and risking further conflict and cataclysms.

They are said to provide unimaginable powers to those who combine them. Some say they could grant a weapon of pure light, others think they are cursed and their power is darkness itself. Still others, who believe in the legend of the Draken, say they would allow someone to become the Draken itself.

Krag, after years of subjugation by the Upperworld, has decided that he wants all the gems for himself. His realm has needed them for far too long. Therefore, once he manages to defeat Eidolon, he sets up a plan to get them back. But having harbored the desire for revenge for so long seems to have driven him mad, and he is determined to gain the ultimate power of the Draken by collecting and shattering the crystals.


Creepy all-white eyes, powerful wings, robust skin covered in scales as black as darkness itself and as purple as the glow of an alien crystal. He is Krag, dragon-king of darkness.

Krag has reigned over the Underworld, the subterranean kingdom of Oniria, since the time of Magnus.

He is the only dragon that survived in his original form after the extinction and mutation of the ancient dragons of the Underworld into wyrms.

Like the dragons that turned into wyrms, he lost his sight and adapted to living in a dark place with very little magic. For this reason, he is unable to stand in the light of the Upperworld for more than a few minutes. However, he kept his wings and retained some of his powers, which allow him for example to open Dark Vortices, portals to the Upperworld or even to the human world, which his wyrm troops use to travel and to take enemies by surprise.

He seems to have always ruled with an iron fist, but he has always fought for his people, especially after the Extinction. In fact, he has always demanded more equality from Eidolon, king of the Upperworld, because of the harsh conditions he and his folk ended up living in. This shows that his heart is not as black as his scales, and the wyrms know it. Because of this, they worship him and blindly believe in his leadership.

Other Dragons

Dragons are colorful creatures that live in the Upperworld. They breathe magic to live and are all equipped with wings to fly. Some of them live in the forest, some in the swamp, some live near rivers, some on top of volcanoes, and still others are said to live above the clouds in endless flight.

Nearly all of the dragons were taken prisoner by Krag during his assault, and were taken to the dungeons of the Underworld.

During the adventure, the Heroes manage to free them and are able to talk to a few in particular.

They meet Senex, an elderly dragon who is looking for his dragon children, Iris and Aster. They meet Iris and Aster themselves, allowing them to reunite with their father. And finally they meet Fortis, Vigor's brother, who is worried about his fate since Vigor has managed to escape capture.

The Draken

An ancient deity of chaos. There are many legends around its origin, but according to the most accredited, this divine creature was in the middle of a war, and was the leader of the gods of chaos who tried to dominate the gods of order. To his misfortune, he was defeated, and as a form of divine punishment he was thrown into the farthest corner of the universe and was condemned to travel in the void, unable to move, for all eternity.

But his flight was not forever. In fact, fate would have it that his path crossed a small celestial body, and crashed like a meteor against this piece of wandering rock.

The Draken died on impact, and his body remained embedded in the small planet. In the crash, he wept five divine tears, which released him from all his pent-up emotions and ancestral magic. The tears penetrated deep into the ground and crystallized, becoming the Gems of Genesis.

The gems began to release all their magical essence, which shaped the small planet into colorful landscapes, covered it with vegetation and life. The creatures born of Draken's magic were similar to him in form. They had 4 legs, wings and were covered with hard scales: they were dragons.

They colonized the lands, calling the place: Oniria. The center of their civilization was a majestic tree, known as the Tree of Dreams.

The body of the Draken remained as a wreck, devoid of life and magic, and as the ages passed it was forgotten. His existence became legend and his body was never found again.But the dragons did not know that they had actually built their civilization around the dead shell of the Draken. In fact, time had covered its body with vegetation, making it resemble a millenary tree: it was the Tree of Dreams itself.

Dark Vortex

Dark Vortices are portals used by the Underworld to transport wyrms.In times of conflict, they are used as a ploy to catch enemies off guard and summon endless hordes of wyrm.

Krag is the one who originally invented the Dark Vortices.

These portals, which use the same fundamental magic that underlies how the Wonder Book works, can also be opened from Oniria to other worlds, such as the human world.

It is from a Dark Vortex that Krag takes Eidolon to the human world and seals it, leaving him there. And it is from Dark Vortexes that wyrms come to the ancient tower of Magnus and will endanger the Heroes who have gone to snoop in the tower's secret room.

PLACES: Oniria

Oniria was generated by the impact of an ancestral deity of chaos, known as the Draken, which released all its powerful magic into the ground and into the air, lighting up the planet, covering it with vegetation, and giving birth to the magical dragons.

The Draken left the Gems of Genesis, crystals of pure power, scattered in the ground. These teemed the caves and tunnels of the underground with light and magic. Their essence evaporated also above the surface, making life possible for the dragons.

The dragons started a war against each other for the dominion of the Gems and of the underground  prosperous world.

The war ended with a pact between the two factions that had been created. One would occupy the much disputed underground world, which became known as the Underworld. The other would keep the gems but would live on the surface, the Upperworld.

However, over time the situation inverted. Thanks to the Gems, the Upperworld became richer and richer in magic, while the Underground lost all of it, becoming a dark and inhospitable place. Most of the dragons there died, and the ones that survived had to adapt, turning into grotesque blind creatures capable of living without magic: the wyrms.

Since then, the great imbalance of power between the two kingdoms has fueled a climax of increasing tensions. Finally, the Underworld, led by king Krag, recently turned against the Upperworld, overthrowing its dragon-king Eidolon.

Despite getting revenge for his people, Krag is not satisfied. Blinded by his thirst for vengeance, he seeks absolute power, and plots something dark and dangerous that could endanger the future of Oniria itself.

Oniria needs heroes who will stop the evil plans and restore order and peace before it's too late. But how to reach this distant and hidden world? It seems that humans have already once discovered Oniria, centuries ago, thanks to a book used as a portal: the Wonder Book. But does this book really exist, or maybe it's all just a legend?

PLACES: The Tree of Dreams

At the center of Oniria is a majestic tree, which goes by the name of the Tree of Dreams. All the vital magic of the Upperworld seems to emanate from its wide, golden crown. Its sturdy, bone-like bark wraps around the hollow trunk like an exoskeleton, serving as a castle for the dragon-king of light. At the bottom, its multitude of gnarled roots dig into the ground, reaching unbeknown depths in the dark Underworld beneath.

The Tree of Dreams is the perfect metaphor for Oniria: light shines high above and quickly turns to bottomless darkness as soon as you drop below ground level.


The upper part of Oniria. Upperworld is everything that lies on the surface and is illuminated by the sun.

It extends for miles and miles, including valleys, mountains, plains and lush forests, but its heart is undoubtedly the Tree of Dreams. Surrounding this ancient tree is the realm of the dragons, subjects of the dragon-king of light Eidolon, who dwells in the Tree itself.

The Upperworld is populated by dragons of all shapes, colors and sizes. They are all equipped with wings and able to fly (although not all of them like it, there are some who for example prefer to wallow in the swamps). All of them love light and the outdoors, and each has its own job in their well organized society. For example, there are those who grow magical fruits, those who educate others about the ancient history of Oniria, and those who work in the service of Eidolon as guards or advisors.

Their livelihood is based entirely on magic. The magic in the air allows the dragons to live, the magic in the water gives strength to the plants and produces delicious fruits.


The Underworld is a tangle of caves and tunnels, most of them dug centuries ago by primitive dragons in search of the Gems of Genesis that were located underground.

Currently it is a completely dark and magicless place, unlike the Upperworld.

Surface dragons cannot enter this inhospitable environment because they would suffocate without magic in the air.

Despite the harsh conditions, the Underworld is populated by creatures of darkness: the wyrms. These creatures, who evolved long ago from dragons to adapt to the environment, swarm every corner of the Underworld. They lurk and dwell mostly in underground chambers, where the tunnels widen. They are skilled diggers, and are often busy digging more tunnels to extend the boundaries of the Underworld in search of new sources of food that are always in short supply.

The Underworld is a monarchy, and at the head of all wyrms is King Krag, the blind dragon of darkness. The wyrms are organized in a flat society, where everyone can do a little bit of everything to help, but everyone is subordinate to the figure of Krag, who is seen almost as a tyrant.

Krag has been demanding more equality from Eidolon for a long time, so that the Underworld can regain some of its prosperity and importance, but he hasn't been able to obtain much just by asking.


Vigor is one of the strongest dragons in the Upperworld. He is a green dragon, born in the far eastern jungles of Oniria. From a young age, he has always been fascinated by the power of his idol king Eidolon. When he grew up and established himself as one of the strongest of his kind, he received a request from Eidolon himself to join the guard of the royal palace, the Tree of Dreams. He did not think twice and moved there to serve his beloved king. There, he proved his worth, and was promoted within a few years to captain of Eidolon's personal guard.

With the recent increase in uprisings by the wyrms of the Underworld, he has been very busy maintaining order. Then, when Krag led the decisive assault on the Upperworld, Vigor fought with honor, but was unable to hold and protect his brethren or his king Eidolon. However, unlike the other dragons of the Upperworld who had fallen prisoner, he managed to avoid capture, using his military skills to camouflage himself with vegetation.

Now he lies, badly wounded and helpless, under the leaves of his cover as one of the few dragons left in the Upperworld after Krag's ambush, waiting for some hero to heal him and help him save his endangered king.


Acumen is a dragon-salamander, raised in the swamps of the Upperworld. Gifted with an astute personality and unparalleled intuition, he decided to put his intelligence at the service of King Eidolon. Under Eidolon, he had the opportunity to study in depth the ancient history of Oniria, from legends and prophecies, to the work of Magnus and the birth of the two kingdoms. He studied the magical arts and, fascinated by how Magnus could reach Oniria through the Wonder Book, he learned more about the magic behind the portals. He now holds the title of Grand Master of Portals.

He has been an advisor to Eidolon for a long time. He joined him initially driven by the ideals of equality professed by the king.

As the problems of the Underworld emerged, Acumen tried to push Eidolon to meet Krag's demands, but Eidolon proved immovable and stubborn, claiming that magical resources were scarce in the Upperworld as well.

He had also found an ancient prophecy of Magnus, according to which "all of Oniria would be destroyed if the balance between light and darkness was not maintained." Showing the prophecy, he tried to convince Eidolon to help the struggling Underworld, but Eidolon laughed in the face of the prophecy.

Acumen was faced with a moral dilemma: to remain loyal to his people and risk triggering the prophecy, or to act according to his principles of equality?

In the end, he decided to turn his back on Eidolon, revealing the secrets to Krag so that he could arrive unnoticed directly into the Tree of Dreams to ambush Eidolon.

So Eidolon was attacked and banished from Oniria, and Krag and the wyrms captured all the dragons, sparing Acumen.

The advisor, left alone and having time to reflect on Krag's brutal ways, wondered at length about the consequences of his actions. Now he languishes in his swamp unable to act, prisoner of his remorse.


Magnus was a king in the Middle Ages, a time of war, famine, but also a time when some people were secretly tinkering with magic, trying not to be discovered by the church, which hunted witches and wizards.

Magnus was obsessed with diplomacy and peace. After years of conflict, he had finally stabilized his kingdom and neighboring fiefdoms. But he had too pure a heart to survive during that difficult time. In fact, his kingdom was soon overrun, his castle destroyed, only one tower left standing. Magnus was right in there, surrounded. The enemy army raided the tower, but never found him. Where had he gone?

He was in Oniria. Magnus had locked himself in a secret room, and had tried to save himself with the Wonder Book, a tome made by the wizards in his service, whom the king had paid for years to secretly research magic.

In Oniria, Magnus had ended up with a tribe of dragons, who had welcomed him peacefully, thinking he was some kind of heavenly visitor. He had arrived in a wonderful land, but right in the middle of a civil war. More conflicts to resolve! He had thought, excitedly.

The dragons were divided into two factions warring for dominance of the most magical land - the Underworld, and for the powerful Gems of Genesis.

It took the human king years of effort to end the conflict and bring peace. Over time, thanks to his political skills, he became recognized among the tribes.

After trying every solution, he finally proposed to solve the conflict by dividing the assets the dragons were fighting over: one faction would take the Underworld, the most prosperous realm at the time, and the other would live in the remaining realm, the Upperworld, but would take the Gems, only to keep them and never use them against the other faction. The dragons agreed, and harmony finally reigned for a long time, at least until Magnus lived.

The human king lived the rest of his life in Oniria, but when he was on the verge of dying, he wanted to visit the human world one last time. He went back and ended up in the same room he had escaped from years before. Unfortunately, he died there. He was so old he couldn't remember how to get out of the secret room, and he was killed by the traps he himself had set in the room years earlier against intruders.