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Wonder Book Wyrms
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PLACES: Oniria

Oniria was generated by the impact of an ancestral deity of chaos, known as the Draken, which released all its powerful magic into the ground and into the air, lighting up the planet, covering it with vegetation, and giving birth to the magical dragons.

The Draken left the Gems of Genesis, crystals of pure power, scattered in the ground. These teemed the caves and tunnels of the underground with light and magic. Their essence evaporated also above the surface, making life possible for the dragons.

The dragons started a war against each other for the dominion of the Gems and of the underground  prosperous world.

The war ended with a pact between the two factions that had been created. One would occupy the much disputed underground world, which became known as the Underworld. The other would keep the gems but would live on the surface, the Upperworld.

However, over time the situation inverted. Thanks to the Gems, the Upperworld became richer and richer in magic, while the Underground lost all of it, becoming a dark and inhospitable place. Most of the dragons there died, and the ones that survived had to adapt, turning into grotesque blind creatures capable of living without magic: the wyrms.

Since then, the great imbalance of power between the two kingdoms has fueled a climax of increasing tensions. Finally, the Underworld, led by king Krag, recently turned against the Upperworld, overthrowing its dragon-king Eidolon.

Despite getting revenge for his people, Krag is not satisfied. Blinded by his thirst for vengeance, he seeks absolute power, and plots something dark and dangerous that could endanger the future of Oniria itself.

Oniria needs heroes who will stop the evil plans and restore order and peace before it's too late. But how to reach this distant and hidden world? It seems that humans have already once discovered Oniria, centuries ago, thanks to a book used as a portal: the Wonder Book. But does this book really exist, or maybe it's all just a legend?

PLACES: The Tree of Dreams

At the center of Oniria is a majestic tree, which goes by the name of the Tree of Dreams. All the vital magic of the Upperworld seems to emanate from its wide, golden crown. Its sturdy, bone-like bark wraps around the hollow trunk like an exoskeleton, serving as a castle for the dragon-king of light. At the bottom, its multitude of gnarled roots dig into the ground, reaching unbeknown depths in the dark Underworld beneath.

The Tree of Dreams is the perfect metaphor for Oniria: light shines high above and quickly turns to bottomless darkness as soon as you drop below ground level.